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Thread: how long?!

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    @ 4mo my ds began to clamp down && pull on my nipple which kinda hurt but it wasnt as bad until his teeth came in!! i tried every single advice && read 2 different books about how to get him not to bite! nothing worked!! so after bleeding && aching my dh && i decided to wean him . ugh it hurts my heart so much! he is almost 9 mo && im proud i made it this far though!
    okay so its been a week 1/2 with NO bf started leaking yesterday && last nite alot!! today they hurt SO SO bad && huge! i thought i had already gone thru this?! help please!!

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    My older daughter did that from birth, I ended up getting two breast infections and it was HORRIBLE! Pumping can help ease your discomfort. In my case I pumped quite a while, and my milk just slowed way down. After 6 weeks I stopped.

    I wish you all the best! It really made me wonder how people get their nipples pierced! OW!

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