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Thread: Breastfeeding and the "I hate Cow's Milk..."

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    Exclamation Breastfeeding and the "I hate Cow's Milk..."

    I was just wondering and perhaps someone can throw a sister a tidbit...
    My daugther is almost 14months old, she is still breastfed morning, after pick up at sitter's and at bedtime. I have tried since she was about 9-10months old to get her to take some cow's milk. She has promptly told me to "jam it", and refused to drink it even when I whiz some berries in it. I am not worried that she is not getting the nutrients that she needs as I try hard to balance the solid diet and the boobie juice, but she is "supposed to" be having 16-20 onces (500mL +) of homo milk on top of the dairy she gets through solids (ie cheese, yogurt, etc.). I had thought over the summer that I would change up the schedule for bedtime and see if she would wean herself but without the cow's milk, I don't know what to do...

    Does anyone know if an acceptable substitute is availabe (right vitamins/minerals and fat content for her brain)? Is almond milk, soya (which is apparntly harder to digest then people think) or something, I hadn't thought of? I will not under any circumstances use formula... so I don't know...

    Help, please...
    Thanks for your time and energy

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    we don't drink alot of cows milk at our house. I think as long as the child is getting cheese and yougart thats plenty of dairy products.
    My dd is almost 3 and she will only have milk on cold cereal and about once a week she askes me for some milk in a glass but its never more than 4oz and most likely has cocolate syrup in it
    well she eat ice cream? I count that as dairy too.
    try not to worry, if she is refusing she might have a sensitvity to it.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding and the "I hate Cow's Milk..."

    I couldn't help chiming in. This will be controversial, but cow's milk (especially pasterized and processed) really isn't a health food anyway. The calcium is not very absorbable and more and more studies are showing that cow's milk is not very good for you at all (even organic). My older son does not care for milk and I fully support that (he is 14 and rarely gets sick). I am the only child in my family who refused milk when I was young and am now the only one without high cholestorol.

    There are some good articles out there (and a book called "don't drink your milk!" ) which are quite interesting.

    It sounds like your little one is getting perfect nutrition: your milk and a solid diet. We are encouraging our little one to enjoy dark green veggies and other non dairy sources of calcium. We are not crazy, we know that living in this society he will likely drink milk and eat dairy (DH does, and I enjoy occasional ice cream), however, we are not buying into the "milk as a health food" myth that persists.
    The evidence is piling up...

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    We do not do cows milk at all in our home and I am vegan as well as my youngest at 13 months. I am also slowly weaning my two older kids off of dairy and onto soy substitutes like vegan icecream and soy yogurt, etc,.... (Dh has been harder to convince) Plain and simple, cows milk is meant for calves and dairy is a difficult thing to digest anyway. My children get the vitamins and nutrienst they need from other sources and are in no way lacking anything.

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