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Thread: Desperate for help...

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    (((hugs))) to both of you (and anyone else with a new baby).
    There is great info here! I just wanted to add my favorite link for info on the asymmetric latch-- this is what gets the baby on the breast properly.


    Almost always, I've found that a tiny change in the way the baby was positioned or latched on makes all the difference in the world between nursing easily and nursing in pain. Please *call* an LLL Leader. She can help you find just the right position/latch for your baby. Breastfeeding is "natural", but it's a learned art for both you and the baby!


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    I, too, had this problem with my first born. That was 15 years ago, and I forgot how much it hurt until reading this thread. Didn't know about breast shields back then or I probably would have given it a try. Thankfully it was a short term trial. (As in the "trials" of motherhood. )

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