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Thread: thank-you so much but...I quit...

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    Default thank-you so much but...I quit...

    Hello! I’ve posted a few times on here with various bf problems – and everyone has been fantastically supportive, so thank-you. However, after 11.5 weeks of constant screaming every time I tried to feed my daughter, and having tried absolutely everything, I’m afraid I quit!

    Basically, I got to the stage on Friday night where I actually felt suicidal (‘she’d be better off without me, I’m starving her’) and realised with a bang that bf is not the best thing for either of us if that’s how it makes me feel. I gave her a bottle of expressed milk, having tried to bf for 1.5 hours and having only met with screams, and she wolfed it down. I got a second bottle out of the freezer and she wolfed that down too! She ate 8 oz, and she’s only 10lb and would only ever bf for 5-10 mins, so she really was desperately hungry.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that she really really doesn’t like breastfeeding – it may well be that she wants to sit bolt upright when eating, or look around at the world, I don’t know. I just know that since I made my momentous, emotional, incredibly hard decision the screaming has stopped and she’s finally eating properly. I pray that she will start to gain weight now too. I’m sure this won’t be the last time that she doesn’t want to do what I think she should!

    I will try to feed her as much expressed milk as poss for as long as poss, until my supply fails me. She’s happy to eat the milk from a bottle, so despite all my dietary changes etc it obviously wasn’t the milk itself that was the problem, thank God.

    So, thank-you so very much to everyone on this forum for all your kind, supportive words. I couldn’t have made it as far as I did or make this decision without you.

    I’ll now go and hang around the pumping forum for some tips…

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    Default Re: thank-you so much but...I quit...

    A big hug for you, I'm sorry that this has happened to you. However, feel proud of what you have acomplished so far, and if you are able to pump, you should feel even more empowered because you have gone through so much and you are not "giving up"

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