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    Default Need Ideas

    My DS will turn 1 on December 28. With the seasons changing and not as many fresh fruits available, I find that I am serving DS the same few foods all the time! Here is what he eats now:

    sweet potato
    green beans
    pumpkin - he loves this - I wish I had bought two at Halloween!
    avacado - when I can find them and they are not brown mush
    cantelope and watermelon -every now and then
    chicken - every now and then - when we make it for us

    With eating 3 - 4 times a day a few things per meal sometimes, I feel like he gets the same thing all the time. Anyone have any other ideas of food to give him? Our frozen veggie section at our grocery sucks. It is basically limited to what I am already giving him and NOTHING organic!!

    Also, can he have eggs? and cheese? I know to wait til one for a milk and even contemplating that. What about oranges and citrus like pineapple - wait til one?


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    Default Re: Need Ideas

    DS could start to eat whatever you are eating... or if you are looking for easy things just for him here are a few items I give mine in addition to what's on your list already. Mine is 18 months but he was also eating these things at 11 months (looks like your son's age)

    extra firm tofu cut into little squares
    grapes, cut into 4 pieces
    he could do citrus now - I waited to 10 months and had no issues with mine
    clementines or seedless oranges, each slice cut into several pieces
    butternut squash
    yellow squash
    tomatoes cut into little pieces
    you can do eggs and cheese or meats if you wanted to cheese is also ok
    grilled cheese
    shredded cheese
    cottage cheese
    steamed broccoli or cauliflower

    Basically you're entering the age where as long as you can make food into small enough pieces he should be able to try just about anything. Of course wait until after 1 yr. for milk. Other things to hold off on are nuts, popcorn, because of choking hazards. Although if nut allergies do notrun in your family and you are not concerned you could try a very thin amount of peanut butter on crackers or light toast - just make sure he doesn't take too big of a bite (choking hazard).


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