Dear Friends of the 2007 World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations,
The La Leche League (LLL) in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Team is deeply grateful for the depth and variety of participation in this past year's WBW Celebrations. The 2007 season saw several new and creative ways to raise awareness about breastfeeding and to raise funds as well. Here's a look at some of this year's accomplishments and activities.

Some WBWC highlights from 2007:

+ Over $71,000 raised for La Leche League.

+ Every Area in the USA registered.

+ An eye-catching, rotating banner on the WBWC home page that highlighted prominent sponsors.

+ New Group/AWC Accounting forms that add the columns automatically and can be sent by email.

+ Increased use of the credit card option for donations.

+ Articles in every issue of the LLL publications NEW BEGINNINGS and LEAVEN and through at least four online news sources.

+ Successful World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Internet store with WBWC promotional items for Leaders, Groups and Areas to purchase, found at

+Sold out of a unique lapel pin designed with this year's logo.

+ LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations display at the LLLI Conference's World Faire. This drew many visitors, including Liew Mun Tip, Deputy Director of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action Secretariat (WABA) based in Penang, Malaysia. Mun Tip coordinates the World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) program internationally, including the concept and production of materials for WBW celebrations annually.

+ 65 random drawing prizes awarded, complements of our sponsors. All Groups who raised money for WBWC were included in the drawing in the following Areas:
Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana (7)
Arizona (1)
Arkansas/Oklahoma (3)
Colorado/Wyoming (2)
Connecticut (1)
Florida (4)
Georgia (1)
Idaho (1)
Illinois (5)
Iowa (1)
Kansas (3)
Michigan ( 6)
Missouri (1)
Nebraska (3)
New Jersey (4)
New York East (5)
North Carolina (5)
Ohio (1)
Pennsylvania East (7)
South Carolina (2)
Texas (1)
Virginia/West Virginia (3)

+ Approximately $3500 in Group rebates.

+ Five percent of the total income raised was designated for the World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Grants. A successful 2006 grant awarded to LLL Leader Joy Kahler of Wyoming resulted in a pro-breastfeeding billboard she had commissioned for a prominent road in her county. Watch for news about how to apply for a grant in 2008.

+ Many generous direct donations. One of the more unusual ones was a month-long raffle held by Celebrity Baby Blog - with prizes valued at over $75 each. The blog's readers donated $1,032 and won prizes valued at over $2300. CBB also raised another $1,000 in sponsorship fees.

+ Activities continue outside of the WBWC season with the Platypus Media discount on their books until January 31. 10% from all sales will be donated to LLL in the USA WBWC by putting "LLL in the USA" as your Company Name on the order form to ensure that the sale gets properly tracked.

The accomplishments of the last twelve months are remarkable. Thank you all. Your passion and commitment were contagious. You made a difference in 2007.

Plans for fabulous 2008 World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations have already begun. Next year's theme is one familiar to everyone in La Leche League - Mother to Mother Support. LLL in the USA WBWC Team will be updating the Web site in preparation for this exciting theme and hopes to have all the new information on the Website - - by March 31, 2008.

For now we are most grateful for your continued belief in breastfeeding and its importance to mothers and babies. Thanks, and here's to great 2008 WBW Celebrations!

-The WBWC Team: Pamela Dunne, Linda Parry, Alice Barbiere, Debbie Chapdelaine, Cindy Garrison, Candace Hill, Becky Hugh, Anne Marie Miller, Pam Mills, Angela Nooner, Amy Shaw