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Thread: Relactation...is it even a possibility??

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    Unhappy Relactation...is it even a possibility??

    My daughter is 11 weeks old.
    When she was born we breast fed (wonderfully!) for almost 3 days. The feeding was followed by bouts of screaming however and after many visitis to Children's National they decided that Nutramigen was the best option for her. I contuniued to supplement 1/2-1oz of breast milk to the formula. Her Dr. then advised me that it was my milk that was causing GI distress and to stop supplementing.
    For various reasons she has a new Dr. and he says that if there was a way to continue to give her breast milk to try...he thinks that this whole GI issue is resolved (long story)
    My inability to breast feed her has causes depression on my part, and now that I realize she can now have it I have very, VERY little left. I have a hospital grade pump, and only get the tiniest amount out. I have tried to get her to latch on and she just gets so frustrated, as she is accustomed to the bottle. Due to my return to work, I cannot pump 24/7... I have thought about it and realized I would be able to pump just 1 time in the a.m.....3-4 times in the evening, and once in the middle of the night. That is how often I have decided I would be able to pump schedule-wise. Is it even worth trying???
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I am new.

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    We have a relactation section further down.

    It's a possibility, but if you can get the pumping/nursing into your schedule.

    How important is this to you? My advice for a logistical way to work it out is to pump several times at night (additional to your planned schedule). When your baby is nursing, then cosleep so your baby can nurse on-demand at night without disturbing you (too much )

    Every ounce is precious and worth it. But if you really want to build your milk supply, nursing or pumping 10 - 12 times per day is better. You can start smaller and build on it.

    There are several ladies on her who have relactated or are working on it now. I'm sure you'll get plenty of support.

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    Default Re: Relactation...is it even a possibility??

    Also you might try using a supplementary nursing system to get your LO interested in the breast. Or even just putting some milk on your breast.


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    I'm sorry to hear you had a rough start and were told to stop nursing but glad to hear your lo's GI issue has resolved. It is definitely possible to relactate. As Vanne said, pumping 10-12 times in 24 hours is really going to help boost your supply, but any stimulation to the breast is going to help you make more milk than you are already. Its great to hear that you already have a hospital grade pump. Keep in mind that frequency is more important than duration so if you could plan more pumping sessions or hand express that would be beneficial. A SNS would also help as baby would still get the required nutrition but your breasts would be stimulated. Lots of skin to skin contact and offering the breast frequently throughout the day might help get your lo back to the breast. Some women find it helpful to try to nurse the baby when she is half asleep or inbetween feedings so that she is not ravenously hungry. Your lo is used to the fast flow of the bottle so make sure your using the slowest flow nipples you have and sit her uprigt to eat so she really has to work at getting the milk. There is also a lot of great information at this website for building a supply and common pumping questions
    Hope this helps. Just keep trying and let us know how much progress your making.

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    Default Re: Relactation...is it even a possibility??

    You have gotten some great advice, and I think you can do it! I also wanted to add that you could talk to this new doc about a medication for you that could help increase your supply. You will still have to put in the work of pumping, but it could help get things going.

    I also wanted to talk about your sadness that breastfeeding didn't work out in the beginning. In spite of your doc at the time saying it was "your milk causing the problem," it was NOT your fault that your baby had trouble or that your supply went down. You did not get the help you needed and you did the best you possibly could in the situation. No matter what happens from here, you are a good mother. If you haven't already gotten treatment for your depression, please consider talking to your doc about it. Depression can also limit your supply and let down function. It is not your fault this happened and you are doing everything right. Hugs to you!!

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