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Thread: Anyone with eczema?

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    Default Anyone with eczema?

    How do you try to keep skin problems to a minimum when you have eczema on your breast area?

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    Default Re: Anyone with eczema?

    I have eczema (have since I was born) and it looks like my lo does too!! I have been stalling to put my medicated cream on my hands bec I fear it will touch my lo (bec it contains steroids.) But I found Cediphil works best on both of us!! I dont get it on the breast area...knock on wood, havent yet!! But I would suggest putting cream on the affected area then wipe with a wipie before you need to breast feed!

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    Default Re: Anyone with eczema?

    i have psorasis and had a major flareup after giving birth... i did phototherapy to clear it up.. no meds since i was breastfeeding.

    i love aquaphor..it helps
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