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    I've started offering my 12 month old organic cow's milk at breakfast and lunch just to get him used to it. I plan to start the process of weaning him during the day when we get back from a trip in January - I plan to still breastfeed him at night. (this is a compromise I made with my husband as he doesn't want a "toddler" breastfeeding...... whatever)
    So far he's put the milk in his mouth and tasted it a few times. That's as far as he goes. - which is fine with me. My question is, can I put the sippy cup with milk back into the refrigerator for lunch? Or is it not good anymore because his saliva has touched it? I need to put a fair amount in the cup for him to actually get any and organic milk is expensive!

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    I do not know but my DH wanted to do that too and when he tried to feed milk from some crazy organic cow and my LO made a yuck face he changed his mind. We have added a little cow's milk into my Breast milk 6oz of me to 1oz of cow (now up to 2 oz of cow) to get her into the taste and smell. She still will reject ot full strength.
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