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Thread: 15mnth old won't eat solids

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    Default 15mnth old won't eat solids

    Help! My boy won't eat solids. Is this a problem or do I have to force feed him?

    He is breastfeeding well (and not an unusually large amount) and will attempt to eat but spits everything out. My GP has advised me I should wean him so that he will eat and tried to say I was 'giving in' too easily and reinforcing bad behaviour by breastfeeding

    What age is it necessary to enforce the eating of solids.

    My wee man is not underweight and is still growing, so I don't think he is under nourished.

    I don't actually plan to wean until after he turns 2.

    Any advice please

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    Default Re: 15mnth old won't eat solids

    I can't give you any medical/health/bf advice about this - just wanted to say I have a friend with a 20 month old who sounds very similar - he is just starting to eat and swallow a few bits and pieces other than breastmilk. His mum has continued nursing him and they're working on it under professional guidance.

    All the best - I can see how it would be anxious-making!

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    Default Re: 15mnth old won't eat solids

    Hi Kaz,
    Please see my post under the "Feeding Frenzy" thread in this (Extended BF) Topic. I offered some suggestions to another mother about this issue.

    I would suggest you certainly make every opportunity for your baby to try things under his own choice. But in the end, leave it up to him. Your milk is still the perfect nutrition to him and extremely valuable. What if you weaned him and he still did this? Then he would not have your milk nor food? I would think THAT would certainly be cause for worry.

    A wonderful book that I HIGHLY recommend is called "My Child Won't Eat!" by Carlos Gonzalez, MD. It is for sale in the LLLI catalogue on this website. Dr. Gonzalez is a Spanish pediatrician and gives parents a whole new way to think of food. I heard him speak at a conference and I can't tell you enough how much I think his ideas are "on" with feeding and LLL philosophy of letting the child lead.

    BTW, anecdotally, I have know babies to receive ALL nutrition from the breast for the first 2 years of life. I have also know adults who refuse solids well over age 1 (like your son) and now are adults who eat just fine.

    As with any milestone, your baby will eat solids when HE is ready. Not when someone, like his pediatrician tells him. Wouldn't it be funny if we started forcing him to practice walking at 2 months, because somewhere, someone else's baby walked at this age??? Kind of the same for solids (or sleep, or weaning) to a certain extent!


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