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    I believe my latch on is fine. I really want to know when my breast and nipples will stop being sore. My baby is about a month old. Any suggestions as to help would be great.

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    How sore are your nipples? When do they hurt? There can be different reasons why you nipples are sore.

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    I had sore nipples. They were sore because of beginning breastfeeding (try sucking on any part of your body for 20 minutes 10 times a day!), I had cracked, bleeding nipples too. I kept thinking, fix the latch.. fix the latch.. I used a lot of lanolin cream (in between every feeding) and swore under my breath everytime DS latched on. I remember still feeling this way at 1 month, but was SO determined to "go one more feeding... go one more feeding". Now, at 3 months, I can barely remember the pain at all. It all seems so easy now!

    It does get better!

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