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Thread: underweight and rejecting food

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    Default underweight and rejecting food

    just need some advice and support.

    i breastfeed my 6.5 month old baby and introduced solids at 4.5 months. she seemed ready and my ped recommended it even though i kinda wanted to wait until 6 months. she was just eating cereal or other jar food once a day. anyway, my baby went from the 75th percentile (4month apptmt) to the 25th (6th month apptmt). ped said that she should be eating solid 3x a day and mostly cereal before breastfeeding to get in extra calories. her motor skills are advanced (she is crawling) and she is very active and healthy, but she won't eat her solids now. she just turns her head, seals her lips, and eventually cries until i give in and bf her. i gave up trying solids for a few days and tried again today, but she was like "no way!" i feel awful pushing it on her and just want to breastfeed her, but am afraid she will not gain the weight.

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    It sounds like your baby is smarter than your Dr! Breastmilk is actually highter in fat and calories than most solids, so solids are probably what actually caused her drop in percentiles. Here is a chart that shows the fat and calorie content of common baby foods so you can compare them: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vi...dcalories.html As you can see, pretty much everything besides avacado is actually far lower in calories and fat than breastmilk is.

    Your Dr has given you terrible advice, and it will NOT help your dd gain weight. If she wants to go back to exclusive nursing, let her. She knows what her body needs. Nurse her everytime she seems hungry, even if she wants to eat every hour; this is the very best thing for her and will actually help her weightgain. Also, try breast compressions: http://www.kellymom.com/newman/15bre...mpression.html to help her get more milk especally the fatty hindmilk in one nursing session.

    The best of luck to you and your dd! Also, I think it may be time to look for a new Dr if that is an option for you!

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    Default Re: underweight and rejecting food

    Unfortunately you ped has some wrong information. Ounce for ounce breast milk has a lot more calories, fat and nutrition than the solids that you could be giving her. This really gets me fired up as the current recommendation of the AAP is that a baby be fed ONLY bm or formula for the first 6 months and then offered solids after that. During the first year solids are just for exploration and to compliment their diet of BM or formula.
    Many babies, including my own have a drop in their percentages on the charts for many reasons between 6 and 9 months. Many babies are now very busy crawling, they have also become very distracted and would rather look around then stop and eat.. Also some babies are filling up on solids and in turn not taking in as much calorie rich breast milk. Also some babies are starting to lose their "baby fat" and are starting to grow the way that God designed them, some babies who are for example very tall and skinny are what is called the Ectomorph build. Many things need to be taken into consideration about a drop in the %'s around this age.
    You are right in not wanting to push her, I have learned a lot over the past year about trusting my body and also trusting ds to tell me what he needs. My ds is now 13 months old and he just started taking 3 meals a day. I encourage you to follow your heart and parent as you see fit.

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