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Thread: soilds at 5months??

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    Default soilds at 5months??

    Hello Ladies,
    My LO is 6 days away from being 5 months old and yesterday we seen her ped for for 2nd set of shots. He went on to tell me now is a good time to begin introducing rice cereal with a spoon? Are we there yet? I also feed on demand so do I pump out milk and mix it? Can I save the left overs? How many times a day am I suppose to feed her the rice cereal?

    Sorry so many questions?

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    Default Re: soilds at 5months??

    Hi, Natasha—
    I wrote a similar thread entitled (well, i gave him...).
    My boy is just over 5 months and we just gave him some rice cereal yesterday.
    A few mom's commented. You might be interested in their comments.
    I'm doing some reading today
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    Default Re: soilds at 5months??

    Here is a link to some good info. Disclaimer: I don't agree with all of it, and you have to totally ignore all the breastfeeding info. But the nutrition info is spot-on (IMO). Skip down to the 4th heading titled "Is cereal the best first food?"


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    Default Re: soilds at 5months??

    I started my LO on rice cereal when she was 4.5 months. We just went really slow, she is sooo into food. I would just say that as long as LO is still nursing as much as before, they are fine. Mine is almost 6 mo. already and still only gets some rice cereal mixed with a fruit or veggie in the morning. She nurses NO LESS than before.... even though that might be nice (she still nurses every 2 hours!!) I used to pump and mix with rice, but she actually likes it better mixed with water, I think mixed with BM confuses her!! Feeding solids is pretty much just for fun right now, she prefers the booby to anything!!!
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