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Thread: Breastfeeding with thrush!

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    Question Breastfeeding with thrush!

    My LO is a month old and i have been solely breastfeeding him. He was recently diagnosed with Thrush and he is on Nystatin 4x a day but now I am noticing my nipples are hurting more than usual and my breast are very itchy. It's been 10 days since he has been on the medication but i still notice he has the white patches on his tongle. He will be finished with the medication in 4 more days. He has another appointment next week for a follow but I am concerned because I have read that we can keep passing back and forth. Does anybody have any promising advice or experience with the battle to get rid of this annoying yeast infection.

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    Thrush becomes extremely painful (worse than giving birth) and MUST be treated aggressively.

    Have any extra Nystatin? Apply it directly to your nipples/areola.

    Call your Dr. and get an RX for BOTH of you phoned into a 24-hour pharmacy. I know it's Saturday, but this can progress exponetionally and you might not be able to make it until Monday. Seriously.

    In the meantime, rinse your breast with cool water after nursing. This is to remove the milk residue that thrush grows in.

    Rinse your bras, shirts, sheets, burp clothes - anything that milk gets on - in a vinegar solution. Vinegar kills yeast.

    DO NOT PUMP. Thush makes the skin delicate. Pumping will probably cause cracks.

    Nurse frequently. If he's eating frequently, he will be more gentle. Nurse on the less damaged side first.

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    Go see your do, treat LO and you at smae time and read this first!
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    Previous posts are spot on- get in touch with your doctor or LC and get some medication for yourself too. When we had thrush, we diligently followed the medication/vinegar rinse/air dry routine until it was cleared up completely.

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