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Thread: Too Much Milk! Please help!

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    Default Too Much Milk! Please help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time visiting this website and it seems very helpful. I hope you will have some advice to share with me because I'm feeling so frustrated right now.

    I have a 1 1/2 week old baby girl. She is about 7 lbs now and growing at a fantastic rate so I know she's eating well. At the hospital she latched on well, although we had to work on her getting her mouth wide enough to not hurt me. But she was great once we got the latch right. When my milk started coming in, there was so much of it. I mean way too much. My breasts get super engorged everytime between feedings and the areolas are too hard to allow her to latch. I've started pumping to get the latch right but I was terrified that I'd just be tricking my breasts to produce even more milk. The pumping has been working great but once yesterday and twice today, Ella got extreemly fussy. She's hungry but I think the milk is coming in way to much and just drips into her mouth to the point that it's overwhelming her. I thought that if I emptied the breast a little more, the milk wouldn't drip as much so I tried pumping more but it was still too much for her to handle. After 3 hours of trying and fussing I got frustated and ended up feeding her expressed milk from a bottle. It made her happy (abd fall right asleep) and me so sad becasue I really really really want to breastfeed and would love to avoid bottle feeding if possible but I think I just have way too much milk for her. What can I do?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Congratulations - my daughter was born on 11/18 so our LOs are about the same age. I also suffer from having too much milk which is so weird b/c with my son, I didn't have enough milk. I got good tips here on dealing with oversupply and overactive letdown on kellymom.com. What has been working for us is to have her nurse on top of me, which greatly slows down the milk flow. Also, I only give her one side within a 2 hour period. She is so much happier now and stays on way longer. I also don't hear her gulping as much and her spit up has gone down a lot too. GL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella's Mama View Post
    My breasts get super engorged everytime between feedings and the areolas are too hard to allow her to latch.
    Have you tried reverse pressure latching yet? Make a peace sign, and place it around the nipple on the areola. Press back towards the chest wall. This action forces the milk away from the front area of the breast allowing baby to latch on an engorged breast.

    Ok, your pumping, stop doing that. Every time you pump you are telling your breast to manufacture more milk. You don't need anymore. You may need to start block feeding to reduce milk quantity. "Block feeding", is when you alternate every other time you nurse, from side to side. One side twice, then switch. If you get too engorged pump off the top but not to empty. Just to releave the pressure.

    You got good advice in trying to change the positions you nurse in. The regular positions where mom is sitting up, utilize gravity while breastfeeding. If you can get her latched on while you are reclining backwards or on your side, it may be less of a milk avalanche.

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