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Thread: Rash? Food allergy?

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    Default Rash? Food allergy?

    My 6 week old has a rash on his arms and neck. They are very small bumps. He was pretty cranky this morning which is unusual for him but now is back to his normal cooing self. I guess I am wondering if anyone experienced this and if it sounds like a food allergy. His stools don't have any blood in them although they have been greenish for the past two weeks and a little mucousy.

    I called the pediatrician, just hoping for some feedback while I am waiting for a call back.


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    Default Re: Rash? Food allergy?

    It could be a lot of things other than a food allergy... For example, the symptoms you describe sound somewhat like my daughter's when she had Fifth Disease. (Pinpoint rash on upper trunk, low-grade fever, crankiness. Not serious, if that's what your baby has- and I'm not saying it is, just trying to make the point that there are many different things that it could be.) I would just watch it carefully and be ready to call the doc if things seem to get worse.

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    By greenish are you saying <- that sort of green? That could be a stereotypical dairy allergy color. Come hang out in the allergy forum, just scroll down on the main menu.

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