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Thread: How much is too much? (and a funny bread story)

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    Default How much is too much? (and a funny bread story)

    So, I bought some avocados yesterday at the store since they were fairly cheap. Cut one open today and fed DD about 40% of it (by spoon since avocados are so slippery). I feel like she'd probably have eaten the whole avocado if I let her... but is that too much? She's almost a year but she's still only about 15 lbs, and I know that _I_ couldn't eat a whole avocado in one sitting. Half of one would be good enough for me. But even at the last bite, she was so excited to get it. I fed her while she was pulled up on the couch next to me, and she kept "dancing" in anticipation of the next bite. lol. But how do I know that she's done? We only do baby food very occasionally, usually she eats what I eat, and I give her bites off of my plate. When we're not sharing and she has her own food instead (like the avocado this morning), I do the sign for "more" and "eat" before I give her the next bite, and also occasionally asked if she was "all done" (signing here, too) and temporarily putting the bowl out of sight. Well she definitely didn't like the "all done" idea, and made her feelings known. lol. But I'm hoping she can pick up on some of those signs and be able to tell me if she really wants more or if she's all done. She did the "milk" sign a while back but I stopped reinforcing it so she stopped using it, guess I need to start that back up too.

    As for the funny bread story. DD only has two teeth, but still eats pretty well if I give her small enough bites. We were eating out the other night, and I was having a sandwich. I gave her a piece of bread about the size of half a deck of playing cards. She put that whole thing in her little mouth and kept trying to chew it up. I kept giving her little bits of water from my upside-down straw to help with that, but it was SO funny to watch her. The bread kept coming out of her mouth like a tongue. And overall, she reminded me of someone who had bought one of those baseball-sized gumballs out of a machine and was trying to chew it. lol. But she kept working at it and eventually was finally able to swallow it.
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    Default Re: How much is too much? (and a funny bread story)

    She will know when she's had enough. As long as you are going slow and following her lead, I wouldn't worry about it. Avocado is excellent for babies. I wish my DD would eat it. You can also do a bigger wedge-shaped piece so she can hold onto it herself.

    It's so fun when they get good at the signs!

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