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Thread: im really tired

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    Dr. Jay Gordon's method seems to be a good one. You could try to implement while your husband is available to help.

    Have you gotten any medical attention? Started taking your supplements? Chronic fatigue can be a sign of gut issues. Heal the gut, and you could start feeling so much better!

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    I just saw your response and I am thinking about teeth. Have you seem any signs of teething? Sometimes this can make a child really need to reconnect- y'know, like all night long!
    Feeling worn out and tired and having to keep up with those types of demands must be hard. I wonder that you don't feel resentful about it! Do you have anyone that could help give you a break?

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    Hey mama, hugs to you... just wanted to tell you that my LO is 7.5 months old and I feel like I could have written your posts! I am sooooo exhausted that I can barely focus and form logical sentences at work during the day, I feel like I'm constantly in a fog... The night-waking is wearing me out, and hubby wants us to make some changes to help LO sleep longer, so that we can all sleep longer... we co-sleep because I'm so exhausted, and LO is such a light sleeper, when I try to move her to her bed she wakes up and screams. Nursing her is the fastest way to get her back to sleep, but sometimes even that doesn't work and she'll scream and arch her back and throw what looks very much like a temper-tantrum, all the while yawning while she's screaming! I can't help but almost laugh at her while she's yawning and screaming at the same time, poor baby is just so tired...

    And I also just wanted to vent a little... I can't stand those so-called "helpful" people who look at me and say, "Wow, you look like you're really dragging today." or "You got that baby sleeping better yet?" And then they offer advice like giving food before bedtime, or letting her cry it out. Sorry, crying it out just ain't gonna happen, and LO is already on solids and eating plenty. And then they say something like "My kid was sleeping through the night since he was 2 weeks old..." I just want to reach out and ring their necks.

    Anyway, I have no advice, just wanted to send along good wishes for more sleep and say I'm living the same life, just a few months behind... I'm hoping we can make some changes cause I don't think I could do it for 26 months, I might have a breakdown before then...

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