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Thread: Help.. dd has a rash.

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    Default Help.. dd has a rash.

    I gave dd banana today (second time she has had them) She had them this am - this afternoon I noticed she has a small pimpley type rash on her chest/stomach and on her face... Should I never give her banana again? wait a few weeks and try again? Call my ped? She is acting fine... she turns 6 months sat.

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    Default Re: Help.. dd has a rash.

    I'd wait before I reintroduce it again, and also check with the ped. Banana can cause some bad allergy.. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...ghlight=banana.

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    Default Re: Help.. dd has a rash.

    I would check in with your pediatrician. As the PP mentioned, banana can cause allergy problems for some, but then again, my pediatrician told us that most food allergies in infants show themselves as digestive upsets as opposed to skin outbreaks. (But I have heard that there is some disagreement about that.)

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