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Thread: Cutest thing today!

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    Default Cutest thing today!

    Today my DS was sitting on my lap facing me. I am trying to relactate and wasn't even thinking about any of that at the time but.....he kept looking at my twins and reaching out to touch them. The shirt I was wearing had a lot of color/patterns in it and I think that is why...anyhow, my bbs started leaking after about 10 mins of this!! I pumped and got an ounce! AWESOME! Once I get my supply decent I wan't to try getting him to re-latch but only one thing at a time. Anyone else find that their LO touching their breasts will case milk to come? And, WHAT does a letdown feel like? warm? tingly?

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    If I even think about nursing my son, or hear my DS murmur or complain I will let down... tonight at a restraunt I leaked through a T-shirt AND a sweatshirt! I was just thinking that it was time to nurse! I feel like a mild tingly/burning sensation dead give away every time.... but if I remember correctly with DS#1 that only lasted a short while before I could no longer 'feel' let down. Congrats on your relactating success!

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    It is different for everyone. I have never felt a let-down with either of my two babies.

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