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Thread: Know anything about this?

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    Just wondering if anyone knows if the herbs & stuff used to help w/ milk production can interfere or react with medication? I ordered some of these herbs (in capsule form) and hadn't thought at the time as to whether there might be a problem with the medication I'm on. I have epilepsy & take an anti-seizure drug (Lamictal, if anyone's familiar with it) which the dr assured me that there would be no problem bf because the baby gets far less of the drug through breast milk than what she gets while in the womb. Now I'm at this crossroad where I need help with building up my milk supply again and I order these herbs and forgetting about my medication. Does anyone know what drugs are affected by these herbs or where I can find the info online? I hate to have to ask my dr and feel like a fool.

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    No reason to feel foolish - drug interactions are serious business. I doubt you can get anything better than "call your Dr." from an internet source,

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    Right, calling the doc would be the best! I take an SSRI (Luvox) and have for over 10 years and was wondering about mother's milk tea. I called three pharmacies and they all recommended using with caution and watch for symptoms of low blood sugars with my certain meds....I am not sure about anti-seizures though. good luck and I hope you find answers.

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