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Thread: Typical 1 year old diet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    Thanks Lynn!

    I just bought some Coconut Oil and it arrived today.

    I guess I was just offering BM as a snack. Will start offering solid food as a snack aswell.

    I worry he eats too much fruit. He has fruit with every meal, and sometimes banana as a snack.
    Where did you get coconut oil from? I want to order some too! Great ideas on here!

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    Default Re: Typical 1 year old diet?

    I'm reading different "feeding" threads and feeling pretty guilty today. I have been pretty terrible about offering DD consistent meals, other than just dinner (which is the one meal I'm adamant about having be a family meal, whether DH is home for it or not). I have days where I go gung-ho giving her solids, then I get so full and uncomfortable (and afraid of getting clogged ducts) so I back way off for a couple of days until I start feeling normal again. So we do only dinner for a while, then repeat the process. I know I should just start adding a meal or a snack at a time, but I'm just terrible about being consistent about how I eat in the earlier part of the day, and therefore am inconsistent with her. I also just feel like those meals I fix for myself, and not us. So there's seldom anything in there I want DD to eat. Maybe I'm just too extreme with not wanting to give her certain foods that I am more than happy to eat myself, like white bread, etc. At DD's checkup at 10 mos. the ped told me we should be doing 3 meals a day already. Well, she's going to have her 1 yr. checkup on Tuesday, and I know she'll ask, and I'll have to tell her we do dinner and other than that it's all sporatic when and what I feed her. I just feel so disorganized about it. I feel like I need to make a list of foods I can feed DD so I always have them on-hand and ready to go. She's just always an afterthought when I sit down to eat, like "oh, what should I feed you. Here, have some O's" or else I just let her run around and play. I wonder if she would eat more if I offered her food more regularly.

    Sorry to hijack. I feel like a total failure in this area and don't quite know what to do to organize myself and get more consistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mama_p View Post
    I also just feel like those meals I fix for myself, and not us. So there's seldom anything in there I want DD to eat.

    Don't beat up on yourself too much! This solids thing is hard work and confusing.

    We ended up making a number of changes to our diet and how we eat because of our DS. It was tough at first, but for us these have all been very positive changes.

    Pre-DS meals were a bit random and DH and I would often have dinner on the couch in front of the TV. We'd try to eat healtily but it was a bit hit or miss.

    We want DS to have healthy eating habits, and what we decided would work best for us is modelling the behaviors and eating habits that we want DS to have. So this means that we have alot more whole grains in the house (whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta) and try very hard to make sure that the meals that we eat are well rounded so hopefully DS will want to eat his veggies because he sees us eating them.

    As we introduced new foods to DS, we prioritized introducing foods that would start to let us begin to cook one meal for all of us rather than separate foods for DS.

    DS often wants to eat food off my plate - so it became very important that I was eating foods that I wanted DS to eat. KWIM?

    Then we found out that DS has several food allergies. I am eliminating from my diet all the foods that DS is allergic to, and in a way this has made it much easier. Since everything I am eating is safe for DS, this has actually made it easier to cook one meal for everyone.

    We're now having dinners sitting at the table with no TV in sight. DH can't remember the last time that he ate this healthily, and says he feels better because of it.

    Oh - and I still indulge in cookies and other "bad" things that I wouldn't let DS eat, I just save these for either nap time or in the evenings when DS is asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    Thanks for the support. I really liked my ped too, until the 12 month visit. He is low on the scales when he used to be in the low-middle. He used to be off the charts for height, and is now dipping a bit. But as I said, I think they measure wrong, cause his pants that used to be too long are now too short. So he MUST be growing

    Another thing she said was that babies are supposed to have 2-3 servings of dairy and that breastmilk is included in that category!!! So she thinks hes getting too much "dairy". Whatever. I think I will fire her, but the alternatives are no better.

    I do realize that he is now old enough to start offering more foods. I think I needed the kick in the butt to start looking into his diet and adding cottage cheese, oils, fats, etc.


    I know it is kind of late to be replying to this but I don't think my ped counts bm as dairy (and it really isn't). My ped said at DD's 12 month visit that she could have as much bm as she wanted but to limit cow's milk to two cups a day. Just thought that might help.
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