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Thread: Solids poo? Constipated?

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    Default Solids poo? Constipated?

    DS only poos twice a week. The last few times he's been they have been solid - like adult poo, rather than the liquid he was doing when EBF.

    Is this what solids poo looks like? Or is he constipated? He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable before pooing, but I think it hurt his rectum when he pooed.

    It's still mustardy yellow.

    We're doing BLW so I don't think he swallows a huge amount.

    I've been doing tummy massages, sitting him in the warm bath, tried giving him water (but he wouldn't take it) and feeding him high fibre foods. And I'm avoiding giving him rice, bananas etc.

    he's nursing well and peeing lots and lots.


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    Default Re: Solids poo? Constipated?

    Just one cue he did a poo just after I typed this. It was soft, but a lump, IYKWIM. Not hard, but much firmer than BM poo.

    Is this what happens with BLW babies? Might he be swallowing more now?

    I must remember to weigh his food before and the mush that's left afterwards to see how much he's actually swallowing!

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    Default Re: Solids poo? Constipated?

    Hmm, sounds like my daughter when she started solids. Even the smallest amount would change her poops dramatically. She has been having constipation problems ever since (now 17 mos). I was so confused because we were only feeding her fruit, vegetables, maybe a little bit of yogurt. Everyone I asked would say "well those are the right things". She was also drinking water and definitely not dehydrated. Everyone I talked to (including doctors) would be left scratching their heads (or suggesting fiber supplements & medicine, which didn't sit right with me).

    <We tried every trick in the book in the meantime: prunes, eliminating BRAT foods, supplementing with vitamin C, magnesium, probiotics, then milk of magnesia & suppositories for emergencies, etc, etc. I won't bore you with the details.>

    Then, the ped suggested we try to get her to eat more meat. Her lead levels were a little bit elevated, and that can cause anemia. So she wanted her to get iron from the meat. Plus, she started getting really good with her spoon and soups were a hit. She started going poop almost every day and without as much of a struggle (she didn't used to struggle in the beginning, like your DD, just would only go after every few days, but then started struggling more & more).

    I try to follow a traditional approach to nutrition. Have you ever heard of Weston A Price or the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? Anyway, they emphasize things like meats, homemade broths, etc. So I'm not sure why it took me so long to get those things into DD's diet (I kind of tried off & on but whole fruits are SOO EASY, yk?). Anyway, someone from the email group that I'm on sent out a link to a website about a new book, www.fibermenace.com and the review on the Weston A Price website, http://westonaprice.org/bookreviews/fiber-menace.html .

    So, the point being: learn from my mistakes and almost a year of struggling with this. Read the info from this book and think about ordering it. It is a dramatic idea, but fiber is actually not your friend (or your baby's). Fats and protein are what she needs to have normal, easy poops. Please save yourself some grief and seriously consider that raw fruits and vegetables may not be the easiest thing for her to digest, and may be causing her colon to stretch out. I am also hoping and begging that you are not allowing her to eat grains and especially not processed/stripped white flours and such.

    I will probably get flamed for "thinking outside the box". I am only telling you my experience with DD, which has been a nightmare up until this point. After a couple months of only tiny bits of solids (BLW, like you), that I went back to nursing 100% from about 9-11 months. And it was never any better after that, I just felt like she had to eat solids at some point. Anyway, PM me if you would like more details. I hate to go on and on like this. I just want to save other parents (& babies) the grief we went through.

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