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Thread: Is It Too Late For Me???

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    Hi Krista
    Thanks so much for the encouragement. Since I already had 3 c-sections the doc says I shouldnt have more babies so I wanted to make this last one right. It is really hard for me and at the beginning I was really depressed about all this. I just have to keep praying and hopefully things will work out. Thanks alot

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    Hi there
    I just want to give you a word of incouragement and to let you know that you can relactate with dedication. And if you descide to do so, don't listen to the negative comments you hear from family or friends. They will accept your descision as did mine. Believe me they thought I was crazy.
    I had never really gave up bfeeding but was only feeding DS in the morning and had to supplement for that feed. I now bfeed in the morning, no supplement and get to express 6-8 oz a day which I could barly express 2 oz a day at one point. My DS still refuses to go at the breast other than morning but I'm happy that I can at least give him a bit of breast milk, even if I have to supplement on some feedings. You can do it. Good luck

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