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    Question Eye Doctor

    Does the eye drops that dialate your eyes pass thru to the breastmilk
    I have an appt today and wonder if I should deny the drops
    DD is 5 weeks old

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    Hmmmm.... I don't know for sure on this.
    The drops are vasodilators and the effect is pretty localize in the eyes (I don't think there is a whole-body systemic effect?) and the volume of the drops is very small. My guess would be that there is very little that gets into your general circulation, but I don't know. I'll do some searching and see if I can come up with any actual data for you in the next hour or so.

    Now...all that said....when I had my eye-exam when DS was a few months old, I skipped the drops that time around (DS is 14.5 months, still BF and I still haven't had the drops). My eye-doc, who has 4 kids of his own, thought that was the best way to go -- unless there was something really worrisome going on with my vision and it was necessary. In that case, you could pump and dump for a few hours if you were really wanting to be sure.

    I'll come back if I find anything worthwhile for you to know.....
    Jsmom (very very nearsighted!)

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    OK, here's one thing I found. If the drops are atropine based (the most commonly used for dilation in a typical eye-exam, I think), then there is not alot of data. See: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100002958.html

    There is the pretty standard cover-the-butt kind of "we know know what this does in breastmilk" kind of statement. I tried to look on Dr Hale's site to search for atropine references, but I don't have access for all the features.

    Any LLLleaders on here have a few minutes to search Dr Hale re: atropine eye-drops??

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

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