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    I have been using the nipple shields on and off for about a week now. I noticed that while I was BFing with the shields on 100% of the time, my milk supply seemed low. I say that because my breasts just never seemed full, or felt full. Since I started trying to get rid of the shields my breast have been feeling much fuller. I have also been taking a milk supply supplement with fenugreek in it. I am wondering if they fenugreek has upped the supply or is it from not using the sheilds as much?

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    My opinion only, but I'd say it may be a mixture of the 2 and possibly also other factors.

    If you are using the shield there is less direct stimulation of the nipple and areola which would stimulate pro-lactin and also your letdown response so that your breasts would empty more efficiently (and thus produce more milk in response).

    Many mothers I have spoken to say that fenugreek noticably increased their milk production. (Personally I have never tried it.. maybe I should.)

    Maybe you are getting more fluids and/or less stress. Those things are bound to increase your ability to produce more.

    Personally I find nipple shields a pain in the bum. IMHO you're good to be rid of them as soon as is practical. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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    i agree with PP. good job mama for sticking it out!

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