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Thread: What to start with?

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    I'm going to start DD on some solids within the next few weeks. (she just turned 5 mo, and is showing signs) My question, I thought to start off with rice cereal, but I have been reading that other moms have started with things like avacado, sweet potato, etc. What is the best to start with? And also, when should a sippy cup be introduced? With solids?

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    I liked all the good fats within and soft texture of avocado.

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    We started with banana at 5 1/2 months. I read somewhere that it is good to start with because it is sweet like breastmilk. We didn't do rice cereal until after the 6 month mark. We started the sippy cup around 6 1/2-7 months. We just put a little water in it since she was just starting out. Now she gets it with just about every meal. She doesn't drink too much water, just enough to clean her mouth and quench her thirst.

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