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  • Excited, this will be fun!

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Thread: How did you feel about introducing solids?

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    Default How did you feel about introducing solids?

    My ds is 24 weeks old so I gave him some mushed up banana on his high chair (he didn't put any into his mouth yet). I ended up dipping my finger in it and letting him take it from my finger, and he seemed to really like it. I was excited to introduce solids but now I feel kinda sad that he has entered this next phase (even though its going to be quite a while before he's not getting most nutrition from bm)! Curious how others felt... Excited? Relieved? A little sad?
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    Default Re: How did you feel about introducing solids?

    I have not actually started yet (dd was a preemie and she is 6 mths now actual age a little under 5 mths corrected age), but I am not really looking forward to is at all. I see it kind of as the beginning of the end of breastfeeding and that makes me sad. I hope she does not self wean too early!!

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    Default Re: How did you feel about introducing solids?

    I checked both sad and excited. For months before we started, I dreaded it, because it seemed to be the "beginning of the end". About a month before, he really became interested in what we were doing when we ate, and I surprised myself by really starting to get excited. I read a lot about what to start with, etc., and really had fun thinking of things for him to try. I still enjoy it, and it's so much fun to see his reactions to new foods. I love that he's been very willing to try anything I've given him, and has liked just about everything so far.

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    Default Re: How did you feel about introducing solids?

    I checked all but relieved LoL. Cleaning peanut butter poop off of cloth doesn't sound like fun, I'm sad he won't be EBF soon, and at the same time, it WILL be exciting! Gabe hasn't sat up yet so we haven't introduced solids yet. He's showing interest, but once he has that upper body control, solids here we come!

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    Default Re: How did you feel about introducing solids?

    Excited, sad and also would add unsure/overwhelmed

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    Default Re: How did you feel about introducing solids?

    We just started and it has been fun. I love seeing the funny faces he makes when he tries something new or when he opens his mouth wide for more of something that he likes.
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