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Thread: Let down???

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    Default Let down???

    I have a let down in the beginning of BF, but then baby sucks slower, but I can still tell he is getting milk from the sounds. Should I be having another let down during the same feeding on the same breast or is only one okay? If it is okay will it increase as he gets older? I feel that the milk he is getting isn't completely satisfying him. Any comments or help?!?

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    I only have one that I can feel--but I have tons of milk--I assume I have several more that I don't feel .

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    Actually there are a few more after the initial letdown. It is normal for mothers to feel just a first one, and not the others. In fact, some mothers don't even feel the first one.

    Can you tell us more about why you feel your baby isn't satisfied?

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    If you feel like you still have a lot of milk onboard but your LO can't get it out then perhaps you could try breast compression? (I don't have a link but I'm sure someone will supply you with one if you need to know more )

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    I usually only feel one letdown, except for the occasional time when she is on the breast for forever and I will have a second or even third that I can feel. If your LO is still swallowing seriously, he is still getting milk. Does he seem still hungry?
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