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    I'm trying to make avacados for my lo, and no matter how long I leave them in the food processor, they are still textured. I don't get a true, smooth pureé. Is that okay to feed my lo or is there something else I can do to make it even smoother?

    I live in northern Maine, so the avacados I got here were nice and big, bigger than I've ever seen actually, just very firm and the skin was smooth rather than bumpy. Perhaps they're not ripe enough? I've lived in the south, but have never cooked with avacados. They were already in guacamole-form when I got them. (YUM!)

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    If the avacado is ripe you can mush it with a fork. If it's ripe then it should be ok if it is textured. When I started I just squished it with a fork and then gave him the little slic that came through the fork prongs and he did fine. He was 6m at the time.
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    Those big avocados never seem to get as soft as the Hass variety that we usually get. Maybe try adding some water or breastmilk to the puree?
    Here is a chart with the different varieties of avocados and how to tell if they are ripe:
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    The Haas avacados work really well for us. We get the large ones and make sure they are very soft. Then I mash it with a fork and mash a small piece of banana with it.

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    Could it be that they aren't ripe enough? I know if you put a slice of apple in a brown bag with green bananas, they will ripen quickly. Maybe this will work for avocados too.

    My DD LOVES them! She is 10 mos now and I just cut into bite-size pieces.
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