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Thread: Trouble pumping

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    I am sucessfully breastfeeding Dylan. I would like to have the option to leave him at home with Dad for longer than 1 hour.
    I started pumping only one ounce at a time with the Gerber Massage N Go Manual Breast Pump to introduce the bottle. He refuses a bottle (smart boy),I have tried many different brands. My doctor told me to try a sippy cup so I pumped an ounce and he took it right away.
    My problem is:
    Now that I found an alternative to the breast, I can't seem to pump more than an oucne-ounce and a half off a full breast. Am I using the wrong pump? Is there one anyone reccomends? I don't want to spend a whole lot on another, the one I bought was $60CAN
    The Gerber one I have is not painful, and seems easy to use but I think I should be able to get at least 4ounces at a time. (the container it comes with will hold 6ounces)
    My goal is to have a small supply of frozen milk available for dad to feed Dylan periodically(once a week maybe) while I am out.


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    Well, first, just a couple of the usual suggestions for pumping better volumes:
    Try pumping first thing in the morning, I can usually get up to 14 oz in the am, but only 4 to 6 at any other time of the day - for some reason it works best for me if I am eating and drinking a little something (I think it helps me be more relaxed?). Make sure the room you're in is nice and warm. Perhaps even try some warm moist compresses. Some gentle nipple and breast stimulation before pumping can also help stimulate let down. Look at your baby, or a picture, and imagine cuddling and nursing.

    After all that, if you still feel it is the pump, I have heard that the Isis (Medela?) is a great manual pump - if manual is what you seek.


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    Default Re: Trouble pumping

    It could very well be the problem is the pump.
    you could try asking other pumping mothers if they mind letting you have a try of their pumps to see if different models work better for you, or a good LC might have a couple of demonstration pumps you can try. (of course you will clean them really well before and after!)
    in the end, it's better to buy another pump that works for you than to struggle on! and you can always give to old one to another mother for whom it works.

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    Default Re: Trouble pumping

    I would recommend that you try to pump in the morning. Many women find this is when their milk supply is at it's highest.

    Also, try not to worry too much about how much you are pumping. It can be difficult to get much more than 1-1.5 ounces when you are nursing your little one full time.

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    Default Re: Trouble pumping

    When I pump, I usually get only about 2-3 ounces at one time, so try not to worry so much about how much you're getting at once. The more you stress, the more difficult it is!

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