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Thread: Sore areolas??

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    Default Sore areolas??

    My son is 5 weeks old & I'm finally getting over sore nipples, but now it seems that my nipples are okay & the areolas are really sore. It feels like my son is sucking harder than before, but it may just be that I'm more sensitive. Does anyone have any suggestions about what may be causing this & what to do? I'm generally sore the whole time he's nursing & afterwards. I don't know if it's related to any of these things, but he has a cold, we started giving him a pacifier about a week ago, & we started doing 1 feed a day by bottle (Breastflow) a couple days ago. His latch seems to be okay to me, but I'm no expert. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    ME TOO! At 5 weeks my areolas got very sore~ as though my son was chomping down on them. He is 7 wks now, and I've either grown accustomed to the pain, or he has let up. I'm sorry, no real advice, other than to check your latch- I was told that as his mouth grows, you need to teach him to suck more into his mouth (by flattening your breast and sort of jamming his head down onto it) (Jamming is probably the wrong word, but you get the idea!).

    Good luck!
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    Yeah, any hints anyone has would be super appreciated.. I don't want to be dealing with this chewing habit when he has teeth.. and I don't want to have to resort to exclusive pumping the moment he gets them >_O

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    Want to see some videos of latching techniques? Dr. Jack Newman is a bf expert, bookmark this page.

    Stanford university is a cutting edge hospital, here is some information that is clear.

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    The use of artifical nipples could have caused a change in his sucking pattern to more of a chomp than a suck. What does he do if you put your finger in his mouth?

    From experience, a baby with tongue tie will also sometimes "chomp" to get milk out.

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