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Thread: Baby prefers one side to the other

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    Default Baby prefers one side to the other

    Long ago in girl scout camp I was bit by a mosquito smack dab on the nipple of my right breast. I scratched it pretty bad, and the nipple is scarred and misshapen. That breast is also a bit smaller than my left breast, and I've noticed I can pump only half as much milk from the right side as compared to the left in the same amount of time. Baby boy prefers the smaller, slower breast!! He seems to really struggle with the left side, he's off and on and off and on, but when I put him on the right side, he calms and is really contented.

    Is there anything I can do to help my son be comfortable on the left side that expresses so easily?

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    Your left breast may have a really strong, forceful letdown. Does he choke and sputter on that breast? That might clue you in. I have the same situation, only dd actually prefers the faster side--she isn't one for nursing for anything except eating and the faster the better. Although sometimes at night on that breast she chokes and sputters, especially if she has slept longer than normal. I don't really have any suggestions except to consider block feeding. I normally only feed on that breast every other feeding. When I start on my slower breast, I usually have to top her off on the faster, fuller one, but when she eats on the fuller breast that's all she wants.

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