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Thread: Nursing vs. regular bra

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    Default Nursing vs. regular bra

    My twins only nurse 3x during the day (wakeup/nap/bedtime). Is it better to still use a nursing bra or to go ahead and move to a regular bra. The only time they nurse when I am wearing the bra is at their nap.
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    I switched to a regular bra when my dd became an older infant. I had a hard time finding reasonably priced and attractrive nursing bras. Didn't have any problems, I would just pull my breast out of the cup and then tuck it back in once we were done.

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    Default Re: Nursing vs. regular bra

    I do the same thing, I have switched to a regular bra because reasonably priced nursing bras that actually fit right are impossible to find. I just scoop out and tuck back in, it's easier and faster than trying to get that little snap fastened with one hand.

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    What great advice! I've been having the same dilemma because as my milk supply's decreased, I really need new bras but can't face the expense for what could only be a few more months of bf...

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