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Thread: Could it be low milk??

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    Default Could it be low milk??

    Hello ladies-I have posted on another thread, but the topic started out differently. Here's our situation...my dd is 3.5 months old, will be 4 mo on the 20th. The last 2.5-3 weeks she has been wanting to nurse constantly during the day. She rarely makes it more than 2 hours, and usually wants to nurse every hour. She used to sleep a 5-6 hour stretch at night and now will sleep a maximum of a 4 hour stretch and is then up every 1-2 hours after that. I thought at first this might be a growth spurt, but have realized after the length of time that this is probably not the case. I then thought that she was just using me as a pacifier, which I don't want considering I have 2 other children to care for as well...but then today, when she was screaming to be nursed again 1 hour after she last ate, I gave her a 4 oz formula bottle, just to see...she ate it as if she hadn't eaten in weeks and then willingly went down for a nap (she ALWAYS protests naptime!). I realize that babies will take 1-2 oz even after eating...but 4 oz?? After all the nursing I've been doing, I would imagine that my supply would be absolutely wonderful, but it seems to not satisfy her...what do I do? Is it something with my milk or what? I hear her swallowing a lot when she nurses, but she is wanting more soo soon! She's never really grown that great, but my first was a little thing too...but I've also noticed that she really doesn't poop all that much either. Her wet diaper output is fine, but the poopies happen only about every 3 days, and they don't seem to be a HUGE amount...but they are very runny, so most of it absorbs into the diaper, making it hard to judge. I'd greatly appreciate help...I hate the thought of having to be done, but if I'm not giving her enough after nursing all day every day for the last 3 weeks, I don't see how I can produce any more! I've been in tears most of the day...I just don't know what to do! TIA
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    Default Re: Could it be low milk??

    I am so sorry you are feeling sad and inadequate.

    How are things going today?

    Here is a link on supply:

    If growth and diaper output are normal then that is the best way to tell that your supply is ok. You mentioned she is not a huge gainer, but she gains weight ok?

    You mentioned that she has lots of wet diapers and a BM every 3 days. That is perfectly fine and well within the range of normal. BF babies can often go several days between bowel movements as they get older.

    It sounds like what dd is doing is perfectly normal. I know hearing this does not make things easier for you... I can imagine it is tough to nurse a baby all of the time when you have others to care for. Have you considered wearing her in a sling during the day? She can nurse comfortably and you can still get other things done.

    Could you possibly co-sleep for a while? Some babies do a lot of nursing at night, especially when mom has lots to do during the day. This gives them that "mommy-time" that they crave so much at this age!

    Does she use a pacifier at all?

    Hang in there! This will pass...it won't go on forever and you certainly have no reason to quit nursing! Sounds like dd really enjoys it!

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