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    Ok, this is probably a dumb question but I just am not sure what the answer is! I'm starting back to work part time at the end of the week (eeekkk!!) and I'll have to pump a couple of times a day. My 8 month old son only nurses on one side at a time, so when it comes time to pump, do I start pumping on the side that he would be due to nurse on or do I just pump on both sides regardless? I appreciate any input--thanks!

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    I'd pump on both sides. You might get more milk from the side he hadn't nursed on, but, by pumping both sides, you are sending the message that both sides need to create more milk. If you only pump one side, you are telling the other side no milk is needed.
    Not to mention the fact that you'll get more milk by pumping both sides.

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    Yep, I second zoewmu!

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    I agree. Pump both b.c the pump will remove less milk than you baby can. Also, you will want to build up a freezer stash for daycare and dayacre may waste some milk.
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