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Thread: Four year old nursing?

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    My older daughter has been curious at times, I've said 'Well you can try if you like' She just giggles and runs away. I think it's natural and they are just testing you a little (like they do with nearly everything at this age).

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    Now, I got up, and dd2 woke up, and as I was looking for her suckie, dd1 lifted up her shirt and said that she was going to "feed sissy from her nipples"
    She didn't, but its interesting how she puts things together. She tries to take good care of her sister.

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    I don't have an experience with this situation but it seems that it is normal sibling behavior, a little bit of jealousy and need to be with mama. Maybe if you set a period of time everyday without anyone, just you and your 4 year-old doing something special she will give up the mock-nursing.

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