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Thread: Is he weaning on his own?

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    Question Is he weaning on his own?

    My ds is 11 months. My goal for breastfeeding is one year at least. We're very close but I was thinking that if he wanted to, I would nurse him longer than a year.

    But here lately, it seems like he's decreasing the frequency and amount of nursing on his own. He eats a TON of solids these days and while I always offer the breast before and after he has them, he doesn't nurse as long as he used to. He will stop and pull off after like 5 minutes or so and when I try to get him back on he will refuse and squirm/scream/bite until I put him down to play or eat. He used to nurse 6 or more times a day. We are currently at 4 nursing sessions a day, no night nursing. The only session where he will eat for a good long while is first thing in the morning. The rest of the day, it's more like 3 or 4 short 'snacks', and even the bedtime feeding has been shortened.

    Is this his way of showing me he's ready to move on from nursing? I'm afraid that is what's happening here. And while I know there will be benefits to getting my boobs back, I'm not sure if I'm ready to give it up. I so enjoy the closeness and bonding it gives us.

    How do you all deal with letting go? *Sniff* They grow so fast...

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    You know what I think? I think your baby is just going through the distractable stage. William hit that stage and has been in it for a long while now. At 13 mo he nurses maybe three times during daylight hours, and then multiple times in the evening and night. Mostly during the day it's playtime, and tear-stuff-up time. ykwim? Of course, if you had plans to wean in a month, maybe this will give you the opportunity to investigate your feelings about it more now. If you aren't ready to wean try offering at nap times more, or do some dream nursing if you feel like bb's getting dehydrated.

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    I agree that the need for nursing ebbs and flows. Don't give up yet. He may go back to BFing a lot in the coming months. Just be there for him in whatever way you feel he needs. Being sensitive to your child is the name of the game. You're doing great.

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