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Thread: Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

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    Default Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

    For all the new Moms out there, I wanted to share my story!

    When Oliver was born I was determined to Breastfeed him. I set myself little goals, 6 weeks, 6 months....

    However, he had a lot of issues with very slow weight gain. I was told to stop breastfeeding. That broke my heart. But I came here and was given some wonderful support. I stuck with the BF'ng and Oliver was admitted to hospital for tests and to record input & output.

    Whenever I felt like I was a failure, or was told to 'Give it up' I was offered so much hope from these wonderful ladies.

    Oliver was totally breastfed with NO solids until 10 months. He has just celebrated his first birthday and is still breastfed every 3 hours. His last appointment went really well. He is 'lean' and described as a 'typical breastfed baby'.

    NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

    What a great motivating story! WTG!

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    Default Re: Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

    Oh, I can't tell you how timely that story is! I have a friend who was just told that she might as well give up on breastfeeding because of low supply and she's feeling really down and frustrated by it. I recommended that she check out the forum here, and your inspiration will, I'm sure, be most welcome!

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    Default Re: Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

    Well done, fantastic motivation for everyone.
    Claire, Mum to Archie, 5 and Jack, almost 3! Number 3 on the way!

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    Default Re: Slow Gain? Never give up hope!!!

    What an AWESOME update! Thanks so much for sharing!

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