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    Okay so we started solids for real this past week. We've dabbled in cereals before. We're doing BLS and this is what is happening that I have some questions about....

    The choking thing. He has two bottom teeth and can bite all the way through things quickly. I tried an apple and he bit off this really big chunk and I got scared he was going to choke. He ended up vomiting when I tried to fish it out of his mouth. Should I start out with softer foods? He will have a mouthfull of something and put more in there before he swallows.

    The spitting out. This morning we did banana. He takes a bite then spits the whole thing out. He didn't swallow anything. Do I keep trying with the banana or move onto a different fruit?

    We've done sweet potato, banana, cantelope, toast, udon noodles and broth, and apples. What else is good for some first foods?
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    butternut sqash - any type of soft-y item.

    I avoided banana and avocado because DS constantly gagged and threw up - I got tired of watching him do so () so I moved on. It's just what worked for us. finally we got to a point where I could third (it naturally falls into thirds if you kinda squeeze it) the banana and he didn't gag..

    I think mango is soft IIRC but he never liked it... what about blueberries? Try some avocado, broccoli, I have more ideas but they'e vanished suddenly
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    Default Re: We're having fun

    Try pressing the food between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. If it mushes up, it's soft enough for baby.

    I had the same thing with apple. You could try steaming it to soften it or serve it grated (although it'll probably go brown).

    Squash and broccoli are favourites for my DS.

    You could also try baby rice cakes, pasta, peaches, pears, green beans um... can't think!

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