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Thread: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

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    Default Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    I'm thinking of starting with Oatmeal this time around. Seems to me that rice cereal wouldn't exactly be healthy for anyone, no less a baby. Just doesn't feel right.

    Has anyone given oatmeal as one of baby's first foods, around 6-7 mos?

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    We've never given rice cereal, but started with oatmeal and he's loved it.

    We started oatmeal the week he hit six months.

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    We did give him oatmeal around 6-7 months, he loved it, but the thing is it made him lill constipated as well, so I stopped it for a while and then re-intoduced it to him around 8.5 mo. So watch your kid closely for signs of constipation. HTH

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    I did start out with rice cereal but didn't even use up the whole box cause I didn't feel like giving him sugar at night, since when we started we only fed him with us at dinner time. He gets oatmeal every night though and loves it!

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    My ds is 24 weeks old today and so I put some mushed up banana in front of him on his high chair, he had no idea what to do with it . I put tiny amounts on my finger and he sucked on them and seemed to really like it. Probably had 1/10 tsp altogether, hardly anything at all. Then around dinnertime tried a little rice cereal with bm and he opened his mouth right up for the spoon, I was surprised he knew how to do that! But he took maybe 2 tiny infant spoon's worth and then spit the rest out . That stuff smells horrible, I'm wondering if we should do some oatmeal instead. Thoughts? What about before bed, I want to nurse him to sleep but won't he not nurse if he's full of oatmeal?
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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    we gave Cooper oatmeal for his first food. he only had it for a few weeks, it seemed to really constipate him, but I know thats not the case for everyone.

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    I never did rice cereal either.. I went right to oatmeal.. it wasn't a first food... I did apple, banana, and pear in a mesh feeder first (not together), then sweet potatoe, avacado, and then Oatmeal. Dd likes the oatmeal better if its mixed with something besides bm.. like applesauce.

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    Default Re: Oatmeal instead of rice cereal?

    DS started on oatmeal (as his 1st food) instead of rice because I thought that the oatmeal tastes better. He seemed to love it from the beginning (5.5 mo) and still eats some almost every day (he's 7 mo now). I mix it with EBM. We have not had any problems with constipation.

    After a little while on just oatmeal, we tried sweet potatoes, which he loved. He's also had carrots and squash. If I had waited until he was 6 months to start solids, I might have started with a veggie, but he was reaching for our food at meals around 5 months and I thought that a single grain cereal would be best at less than 6 months.
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