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Thread: Thrush- scalding frozen milk

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    Default Thrush- scalding frozen milk

    Hi! I have thrush but have frozen many bags of milk (probably before outbreak but I'm not sure). My LC said that it should be okay for my DS but that I can scald it once it is defrosted and feed it to the baby if I want peace of mind that he won't get thrush back again.

    Question- if I defrost, then scald, can I put it in the fridge for 24 hours like regular defrosted milk? Or do I have to scald and serve it to him immediately after it cools? I'm confused.

    I know people usually scald before they freeze but that didn't happen here!


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    Default Re: Thrush- scalding frozen milk

    Scald. Cool. Feed. That would be your best bet. Scalded milk doesn't last as well as untreated milk.

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