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Thread: White spots on frozen milk?

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    Question White spots on frozen milk?

    I have some bagged frozen milk that is about 2-3 months old and it has developed white spots (each spot being about the size of a pinkie fingernail)----all the rest of my more recent milk looks fine. Does this mean it's "gone bad" and needs to be tossed?

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    That kinda sounds like freezer burn? I think I read that 3 months is about the limit for a regular freezer (side by side or up/down refrigerator) that is not a stand alone deep freezer. Can any LLL confirm this?

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    When in doubt, do the sniff and/or taste test.

    If your bags were in the freezer door or along the floor of the freezer, they could have been partially defrosted and refrozen. It's a good idea to keep your ebm in the center of the freezer. For bags, it's also a good idea to store inside a food storage container for that added protection from temperature changes and food odors.

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