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    I am getting frustrated with my little one. He is turning into such a biter and since he has gotten a couple of teeth now, it really hurts. Ouch! Is there anything I can do to get him to stop or is it just a phase he is going through? Sometimes I wonder if he is just not hungry enough and so is just playing around. He is almost 9 months old.

    Thanks for any advice you might have.

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    i found with my first that we had a biting problem at about 5-6 months. it went on for two weeks, i was really upset and some people suggested i wean (!!!!). i had tried removing the breast from the mouth for a short time but it wasn't working. finally, a lll leader () suggested i separate us for a longer time10-15 mins. after a couple of times like this, the biting stopped!

    what i am trying to say in a rambly way is to keep on trying until you find the right solution for yourself, it will be so worth it! and of course making sure you look after your nipples while you are going through it.

    will you let us know how you overcome it?

    eta: i just thought - is there a link between his bites and his need to eliminate? this is what i'm finding with my current baby

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    Yes, my boy bites down when he's trying to pass bowel motions too. I'm not sure that separating a wee one (under 2 months) from the breast will work for that though. I think it would just make him scream and yell.

    Please let us know when you find something that works for you!

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