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Thread: Bad Latch 5mo

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    Help!!! So DD has the worst latch ever ... she just barely puts her lips around the nip and then starts sucking. I cant get her to open up her mouth. It hurts so bad! What do I do???? She is 5 months old and she used to have a great latch and it has gotten worse over time.

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    My lo did the same thing around that age. I had stopped doing the boob sandwhich thing quite awhile before because he was latching on so well. When he started just grabbing my nipple, I started doing the sandwich again, and really pulling him in in order to get enough of my breast in his mouth, and that has helped a lot. Sorry -- other than that I got nothin'. Good luck!

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    You might have to be really insistent for a while about a good latch, but your lo will get the message if you only let her nurse with a good latch. If it isn't a good latch, you could try taking her off, saying "open" while showing her, then trying it again (and again and again if necessary).

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