Thanks for the links!

Well I think we are getting better. I have been noticing that my son is sticking his tongue out more which I think is great. It is still heart shaped at the end, but he can stick it out past his lower lip. I have been looking at him and sticking out my tongue, and then opening my mouth really wide and saying open, open. Sometimes he will mimic me and other times he will just get a big ole smile on his face. Either way I think it's good practice. I didn't use the shields to much yesterday, and when I did I would try to take it off mid way through. I think that my son really prefers to go with out the shields. I am noticing that when I have them on he gets kind of annoyed and moves his head side to side, and takes a little longer to latch on.

Thank you ladies so much for all the advice and support!

Erebus, gl with your little guy! I know what you mean about wanting to get it worked out before the teeth start to show up lol.