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Thread: yellow poops (yea!), but w/ some questions

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    Default yellow poops (yea!), but w/ some questions

    I got up yesterday morning, and 2-month-old dd had yellow poops, after what felt like an eternity of nothing but shades of green! I looked at her schedule from the day before and found she had wanted to eat about every 2-1/2 hrs, so I would feed her on the same side twice since my block was 3 hours. She usually eats about every 3 hrs but I think she was making up for her first 6-hour stretch of sleep the night before. We've had yellow poops again this morning. So here are my latest round of questions...

    Can I feed her like this on a routine basis? With 2 feedings on a side before switching? I had read that moms will nurse like this to help control an oversupply, but I don't think I've had supply problems, and I certainly don't want to decrease what I have.

    I've had some engorgement and leaking at night. Should I just express by hand to relieve some of the discomfort or can I pump a little off?

    And, finally, I do pump for bottles a couple of times a week when I have mom's night out. I had just been pumping one breast empty after nursing on the other, but now I don't know when is best to pump so I can get a complete feeding if I feed her in this block.

    Thanks for everyone's support...this forum has been more helpful than any lc I've talked to.

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    Default Re: yellow poops (yea!), but w/ some questions

    Hi Nissa,

    Glad to hear things are going well. You can continue to nurse in this pattern as long as it is working for you. Some moms find that these situations tend to work themselves out as the baby gets older.

    Shades of green poops are well within the range of normal for some babies, but for some it is an indicator of oversupply.

    With engorgement and leaking at night it is fine to hand express for comfort. If you pump some off you will have it for those times when you will be separated. It is up to you. If you let it go your body will adjust to her sleep patterns. If you find this is a good time to get some more milk then go ahead and pump. I know you don't think you had a supply issue, but keep in mind that anytime you pump more than what your baby needs you are telling your body to increase supply--I'm sure you realize this!

    If you continue block feeding then that would be a good time to pump for an occassional separation. Again, this sort of negates the purpose of the block feeding, but you are not doing it everytime, so it shouldn't be an issue.


    Thanks for the thanks!

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