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Thread: Adiri natural nurser

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    Not sure where to post this but anyway. SO I've been looking at the adiri natural nurser and I'm having a problem deciding. They have a bottle that they discontinued with a variety of flow (which is more attractive to me because then you have to buy just one right? But then I think, they must have discontinued it for a reason...) and then they have their new bottles which are a pack of three, stage one, two, and three. Reading info on it lets me know stage one is appropriate for bf babies that are new to the bottle but that stage two is for bf babies used to the bottle so

    So in short don't know which one to buy because what if stage one is too slow (he tends to suck really hard on me if we have a slow bottle) and what if stage two is too fast and makes him go on strike?!

    Have any of you used this bottle, the old one/new one? How did it work for you?

    Thanks a bunch?

    Or hey, which natural nurser do you use or do you just use normal bottles?
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    I never bought it (I actually don't have ANY bottle... never been able to pump ) but I was intrigued by this
    don't know whether it's available in the US though...

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    Default Re: Adiri natural nurser

    I think the reason they discontinued the old model is because is was made of polycarbonate hence containing bisphenol-A (a potentially dangerous chemical).

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    I would try the slowest flow available first. If you find its really too slow, then move up to the 2nd one. But try to always start with the slowest one first. Slow could mean different things to different manufacturers, and when you go back and forth between bottles and the breast, you want them to always prefer the breast so your supply doesn't take a nose dive accidentally.

    You also don't have to buy the bottles in a 3 pk. You can get them individually as well. This site shows they now have the stage 1 in stock: http://www.thesoftlanding.com/adnanust1sfl.html and they mention that flow can be adjusted slightly as well...scroll down the page a bit and you'll see where they talk about that. They seem to also be the cheapest online retailer that I've seen so far, with the stage 1 bottle at $11.95 on sale right now.

    We bought the original adiri breastbottle nurser before our DS#1 was born...so almost 5 years ago, and while it was a great idea, it had a LOT of parts, and you really had to mess around with it to get it not to leak. Plus, the nipple shape wasn't all that natural. I t really looks like the new natural nurser will take care of most of the problems that the old breastbottle had. Even though its not all that adjustable for flow...it looks like a much easier to use product, with a much nicer more natural nipple shape.

    ETA: Adiri's website has a whole list of online retailers that might also have the particular stage you need.

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