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Thread: colic and allergies?

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    Question colic and allergies?

    My 6 week old daughter is having colic. She is definitely in pain and is very gassy. She gets exclusive breastmilk and she nurses and gets an occasional bottle when I work part-time. Her symptoms are not correlated to bottle use.

    Anyway, I was thinking of trying an elimination diet but I wonder if that is a drastic first step...These symptoms didn't start until 4 and 1/2 weeks. If she was allergic to something I eat wouldn't she have had symptoms early on?

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    Default Re: colic and allergies?

    DD has/had same issues. I've cut out dairy and soy, she is doing much better now (dairy because it's a likely culprit and soy because I've been told I'm allergic to soy and frequently dairy and soy intolerances go together). I tried doing a more drastic elimination diet at first but I just got annoyed with the lack of food to eat ... I'm a small person and starving all the time anyway. So, you might want to try to cut out the most common culprits first. DD is also on meds for reflux. So I'm not sure if she's less colicky because of the meds or because of the change in my diet. All I know, I'm not going to mess with it because it seems to be helping! Good luck!!
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