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Thread: Teething and nursing ?

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    Default Teething and nursing ?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but couldn't find a better place.

    Colm is almost 9 months old and has had his bottom 2 teeth since 4 months and just got his 2 top teeth in the last couple weeks.

    The last week it has REALLY hurt to nurse on the left side, the right side is okay, but the left is raw and bled once from his teeth rubbing on it. Lanolin is helping some there, but it is continuing and I am concerned about a latch issue or something. We have never had latch issues, but I know I shouldn't be getting rubbing teeth either!

    Any thoughts or advice?

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    Default Re: Teething and nursing ?


    It sounds like your baby's teeth are actually scraping while you're nursing. Does that sound right? If so, assuring that he opens WIDE before latching on, varying nursing positions, and making sure your baby is well supported at the breast so that his weight doesn't drag down on your breast would likely be helpful.

    Here's a resource for more info:


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